Thursday, 5 May 2011

Gabriel Salazar, Teacher and Writer of Social History

Gabriel is a chilean Social Historian. He was born in 1936 so He already have 75 years old and He teach us Social History of Chile. He is kind of famous now beacuse of his books but this situation don't change him, He is nice and extremely intelligent. He is in my opinion a great teacher in the matter. He studied history, sociology and philosophy in our University so He's someone with a tremendous knowledge about the history of chile from the early conquest to present, He rigorously analize the history of the popular subject he is not like others Historians who talk about Chilean people as if we were one descendent of one people, the true he says is that chile is a myth like a sociologist says too (Tomás Moulian). That Chile that is in the scholar texts in the popular books is not the chile which really was. Chile like he talks about it was a true disgrace, because those who got the power in their hands don't share with the common people like a republican society they transformed into a oligarchy and controlled the political institutions as Economics and Social institutions leaving the mostly of chilean people outside the power of the state. He wrote and still write many books about chilean history, like "Contemporanean Chilean History (5 volumes)", "The history: from down and from the inside", "Merchants, Entrepeneurships and Capitalists", and many others which relate mainly the history of the popular subject. He is kind of a inspiration for me, to worry about those who were called "those without voice" who don't have the same opportunities as i had.

*The picture is from him as student.

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  1. I think that his fundamental book is "Farmers, pawns and proletarians", because there he analyze the popular subject. He said that the common people was the history subject. This means that the popular subject does History. I think that he is a well historian, but he is very close at the other society sectors that, also, do the History.