Friday, 27 May 2011

My opinion on Slavoj Zizek and Sciences that support Capitalism (a very short brief)

Today, I'm going to talk about a philosophers who I didn't know Slavoj Zizek. He is a slovenian psychoanalist and philosopher, He is famous today beacuse He mixes psychoanalisis with marxism. He investigates the concept ideology, it is a concept which means in a classical which comes from Karl Marx, "illusionary, wrong way of thinking and percibing reality"(Zizek, 2009) ( ) . He tries to deal with reality from the things that are in our subconscious that's where his psychoanalitic studies get in and he mixes with concepts from Marx's theories about Kapital. He talks about how capitalism creates the society we are living in, so his psychoanalitic view is very enriching cause mind is a very complex thing. Today, There aren't many points of view about the problematic of mind, neurosciences which are focused on mind from a biological is taking the leading role in investigations about this topic, which is leaving outside the concepts of psiquis or mind. So at least for me this means that positivist or neopositivist positions are taking leading place in scientific society.

Slavoj Zizek looks for understand society not to explain it, that's what I appreciate the most his approaches to the reality problem. I do not like the explaining role that takes some sciences in our society, i think mostly it works for the support of society of capitalism. There is a youtube video which talks about this which specifically talks about ecology and how it works to support the role of capitalism in our society through ideology which means that we distract our attention from the very important troubles.

I think too, One of his most important contributions is that he explains what he is saying with examples from movies, of course His work is not only about criticizing capitalism but it's his most important topic.

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  1. Pablo! I think that is very interesting the mix that Slavoj do. I think that he could discuse with another theories in a Congress (in Chile, obviusly) for learn a lot of this topics.