Friday, 6 May 2011

Religion and Me

History of Religion
The history of religion is a very interestin subjet in academic world, not in Chile but in Europe or in Afrika it is widely developed. The historry of religion propuses a big trouble in the very beginning what is religion?, this is the point of start of the book “A short history of religions” of the author Francisco Diez de Velasco, a social anthropologist from Spain. First, religion is not something natural it is essentially a social event it is built in community, in a group who shares origins, or languages or even lands. Religion is a practice, if we start from here we can understand the next classification. Religions according to the level we can named it National, Imperial, Ethnic, Modern and Universalists. The most famous are this named Universalists, catholicism and protestantism. Chile it’s characterized as a very catholic country so we can say Chile is under a Universalists Religion. What means that a Religion be universalist? Because this kind of religion, gives a origin for Humankind so the humans share our fate. And it creates rules to follow that form an order in world, but this is normally in all religions the matter of the order or disorder. So We can say religions in our world are in many kinds, the religion can involve a country or a few persons, as almost a continent in different ages like Catholic dominated in Europe in the medieval Age, to me Religion are essentially in the social world not just because I study in kind of a secular university i won’t study it or Because Socialistic thoughts which are commonly shared in my faculty denies existence for religion. I would like to create a subject of sociology of religion in this faculty when i finish my degree.


  1. "Religion is people opium", this is a great phrase.

  2. I agree with the fact that religion is a very interesting topic, I really like to go deeper on this matter because I consider it very important to analyze it from the perspective of sociology, I hope to read the book you mention in the future, many thanks for the info

  3. Pablo I think you reffer to "socialistic thoughts" with some prejudice. I belive that Socialism does not deny "the existence of religion", is more like the mayority of socialists deny the existence of god or something that determine our fate.

    There are many examples of the dialogue between socialism theory and religion or christianty. The "teología de la liberación" is the best example, it merges the marxism and the christianity. Another good example is Fidel Castro, he says that "There is 10000 times more coincidences between cristianism and comunism that between cristianism and capitalism".